My Instructional Design journey

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spider web in close up photography

Website Creation

For years, I have heard create a website because it will make you stand out.

2021-04-26 1 min read

snow-capped mountain during daytime

Instructional Design Journey

Document my journey and share my most impactful ah ha moments and takeaways.

2021-04-23 2 min read

vintage gray game console and joystick

Tasty and healthy snacks for the road

Finding snacks that keep well and taste good is sometimes tricky.

2021-02-04 1 min read

painting of woman carrying baby

Hot-cross buns and Easter fun

If you thought Easter was all about chocolate, you’re badly mistaken.

2021-02-04 1 min read

It’s official: The best of Thos

You asked, we delivered. Thos’ best 100 recipes are now available as a hardback and we deliver worldwide!

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